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    1994 Loading a truck to send on Pastors for Peace Friendshipment 3

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    2010 Canadian-American-Cuban solidarity at Blaine, WA.

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    2010 Friendshipment 21 Send-off in Seattle

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    2021 Greenlake picket & solidarity stroll

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Please join us for a live zoom meeting to discuss how Cuba is successfully facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and how this can help end the US blockade of Cuba.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 7pm

* Host Stephanie Sarantos will introduce the presenters.
* Dr. Xochitl Garcia, graduate of Cuba’s ELAM medical school, will compare Cuba’s success to the USA’s failure in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
* Movie on Cuban health care teams.
* Jim Page, musical guest.
* Margaret Flowers will summarize the current situation in Venezuela emphasizing the risks posed by possible direct U.S. intervention.
* Cindy Domingo will introduce the Saving Lives Campaign, a new project to promote medical collaboration between Cuba and the United States as a means of helping to end the U.S. blockade.
* John Waller on IFCO’s role in the Saving Lives Campaign.
* John Naubert will introduce the book Red Zone: Cuba and Ebola
* Questions and Discussion.

Please register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Sponsored by:
* Seattle/Cuba Friendship Committee
* IFCO (Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization)
* US Women and Cuba Collaboration