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Learn about Cuba at the New Hope Baptist Church Delegation Report Back Thursday 19th April at 7pm

“A path of respect and dialogue demonstrates hope to the world that once civilized relations are established, bridges can be built and walls torn down” - Rev. Joel Ortega Dopico, President of the Council of Churches of Cuba, June 16 2017.

Last October 2017 Reverend Robert Jeffery led a delegation from his African American inner city church and wider community to visit Cuba. They stayed at a rural church, and the Martin Luther King Center in Havana. This is your chance to hear about their experiences as Rev. Jeffrey and members of the delegation report back on their visit, and also hear how you too could visit and learn about Cuba.

DATE: Thursday April 19
TIME: 7pm
LOCATION: New Hope Baptist Church - 124 21st Avenue, Seattle 98122

They went to learn about:
* How a significant part of the Cuban food supply comes from organic production within urban areas.
* How a relatively poor country can provide free healthcare and education for all its citizens.
* How Cuban society is moving forward despite economic austerity, due in large part to the US economic blockade against Cuba.
* And what is the role of progressive churches in all of this?

A ten day visit didn’t make them experts on Cuba, but they did see things that inspired them and that they wish to share.

Entrance is free but a collection will be taken to recoup some of the costs of the delegation.

Event sponsored by Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee – a task force of the Church Council of Greater Seattle.

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