Get Cuba Off the SSOT List in 2024!

Bust the Blockade Cuba Bingo!


Bust the Blockade Cuba Bingo is part of the National Network on Cuba’s (NNOC) 2024 Bust the Blockade Advocacy Push.
This is a multipronged campaign to lobby Congress and the White House to remove Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism List (SSOT) and more generally to lift the U.S. government’s 62 year blockade of Cuba. The campaign will include:
* Phone calls (calling Congress and the White House)
* Your letters (send a letter to Congress or President Biden)
* Electeds letters (ask your elected representative to send a letter to Congress or President Biden)
* Meetings (arrange a meeting with your Congress member’s foreign policy staffer)
* Rallies (reach out to the public about Cuba)


* Download a JPG image of the Bingo game (to view on your smartphone of computer)

* Download a PDF of the Bingo game (printable image)

* Download How to play Cuba Bingo (printable PDF instructions)


ACERE (Alliance for Cuba Engagement and Respect) SSOT Toolkit

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